What is Herbie

Herbie and his assistants are a means to receive immediate reassuring communication with a fully trained member of our staff who are on hand to manage any situation which may arise. It may be medical situation, a safety concern or simply that practical reassurance is required, we are here 24 hours of the day, every day of the year. Simply knowing that you are able to speak directly with one of our sympathetic assistants anytime of the day offers the comfort, peace of mind and feeling of complete security.

Herbie is a small unit connected to your existing telephone line, simple to fit, easy to use and discreetly designed to fit into the home environment. Preconfigured on delivery, ensures that a simple connection and test cycle is all it takes for the system to be ready for action.

Each system comprises of a base unit and 1 wireless pendant, easy start up guide and full operation instructions. The system also comes with advice for your supportive relatives or friends, to ensure that we always have the right information to maintain the effectiveness of the response.

The systems also allows for additional devices to be added to enhance the scope of cover required. Such as monitored Smoke & Carbon monoxide detectors, flood & fall detectors, bedside emergency buttons and bogus caller buttons. All of the devices are wireless, offering complete freedom in the home without messy cables or installations worries. By us being able to offer these additional services ensures that everyday incidents around the home are fully covered.

With Herbie Assist, you are in control of the right devices for the right level of remote assistance you require. Herbie is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year through a dedicated response team, ensuring peace of mind is delivered direct to the home.

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